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A player's equipped sprays

Sprays are cosmetic images in VALORANT that can be applied on any map surface. Players can equip three sprays; one for pre-round, one for during a round, and one for post-round. Some sprays have additional animations or sound effects, though others that are deemed too "distracting" cannot be used during a round (such sprays are usually animated or related to agents). They can mostly be unlocked by completing Agent Contracts, earning through Battle Pass progression, or purchasing them from Collection Bundles.

There are currently 318 different sprays.

Current Sprays

Agent Contracts

All agent contracts contain three sprays. These are unlocked at Tiers 1, 4, and 7, with the exception of the five agents who are immediately unlocked for new players (Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova); their first two sprays are unlocked at Tiers 2 and 5 instead

Agent Spray 1 Spray 2 Spray 3
Astra icon.png Astra Galaxy Brain Spray.png

Galaxy Brain

Astral Plane Spray.png

Astral Plane

Astra Spray.png


Breach icon.png Breach KO Spray.png


Guns Out Spray.gif

Guns Out

Breach Spray.png


Brimstone icon.png Brimstone The Big One Spray.png

The Big One

Getting Reps Spray.gif

Getting Reps

Brimstone Spray.png


Chamber icon.png Chamber One In The Chamber Spray.png

One In The Chamber

Seeing Double Spray.png

Seeing Double

Chamber Spray.png


Cypher icon.png Cypher The Seeker Spray.png

The Seeker

I See You Spray.gif

I See You

Cypher Spray.png


Fade icon.png Fade On the Prowl Spray.png

On the Prowl

Eye Opener Spray.png

Eye Opener

Fade Spray.png


Jett icon.png Jett Watch This Spray.png

Watch This

You Better Run Spray.png

You Better Run

Jett Spray.png


KAYO icon.png KAY/O Drained Spray.png


Training Bot Spray.gif

Training Bot

KAYO Spray.png


Killjoy icon.png Killjoy Variable Removed Spray.png

Variable Removed

Don't Cross Me Spray.png

Don't Cross Me

Killjoy Spray.png


Neon icon.png Neon Nice To Zap You Spray.png

Nice To Zap You

Hot Mic Spray.png

Hot Mic

Neon Spray.png


Omen icon.png Omen It Hunts Spray.png

It Hunts

Dark Focus Spray.png

Dark Focus

Omen Spray.png


Phoenix icon.png Phoenix Claim The Crown Spray.png

Claim The Crown

Spotlight Spray.png


Phoenix Spray.png


Raze icon.png Raze Boomshaka Spray.png


Bombshell Spray.png


Raze Spray.png


Reyna icon.png Reyna Leer Spray.png


Marked for Death Spray.png

Marked For Death

Reyna Spray.png


Sage icon.png Sage All Good Spray.png

All Good

Pulse Check Spray.gif

Pulse Check

Sage Spray.png


Skye icon.png Skye Wild Life Spray.png

Wild Life

On Your Trail Spray.png

On Your Trail

Skye Spray.png


Sova icon.png Sova Take Flight Spray.png

Take Flight

On Target Spray.gif

On Target

Sova Spray.png


Viper icon.png Viper Pick Your Poison Spray.png

Pick Your Poison

Deadly Venom Spray.png

Deadly Venom

Viper Spray.png


Yoru icon.png Yoru Who's Next Spray.png

Who's Next

Sharp Spray.gif


Yoru Spray.png


Battle Passes

Act Battle Pass

The act battle pass contains between 13 to 16 sprays which are spread out over both the paid and free tracks. These sprays are always earned at the same tier or chapter (depending on how many sprays the pass has). The free track always has 2 sprays that are always unlocked after completing chapters 4 and 8, and unlocking the paid tracks gives access to up to 11-14 more sprays that are unlocked at other tiers.

To see the tiers that each spray was unlocked at, see the article for that Battle Pass' act (e.g. Episode 01: IGNITION: Act 1#Battle Pass)


  • IGNITION Act 1:

Explorgi • Danger • Camper • Salt Shaker • Excuse Me • Lights Out • Cheese Shot • GG Shooter • FTW • Vandal Life • Tactibear • Lethal Crosshair • Fist Bump

  • IGNITION Act 2:

No Toxicity • Dap Team • Little Onion Lad • Chicken Out • Cheaters Never Prosper • GOAT • Sad Crab • Wanted Tactibunny • No Time • Caught On Camera • Dark Side Beyond • This Is Also Fine • Defy The Limits

  • IGNITION Act 3:

Thumbs Up • Octorave • Ruin • Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands • Step Under Here • 8-bit VALORANT • No Op • Stellar Dendrite • Mic Drop • GGWP • Octo Attack 2 • Piece of Cake • Pick My Strat

  • FORMATION Act 1:

EZ • Hershey Pup • No Shorty • Glitched Out Chicken • Going C • Faces In Places • Blueberry • <3 • Make 'Em Dance • Alas Poor Robot • What Was That • Radianite Hazard • Spicy • Lit For 140 • Choose My Weapon

  • FORMATION Act 2:

Do Not Enter • Happy Frog • Revive me, Jett! • Super! • Embarrassing! • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ • Shhh! • Is This A Drone? • Nope • Chill Out • /FF • Dumpster Fire • My Eyes! • Make Some Noise • Lag! • Epilogue: Super!

  • FORMATION Act 3:

Songsteel • Approved! • Nice Save • Without a trace • Lobster? • Hang in there, Mance • 300 • Be Gone! • Theo's Great Escape • No Odin • This is also also fine • Comedy and the Tragedy • Walk! Don't Run • Dabbing Dan • Bunny Hop • Epilogue: Dabbing Dan


Pump Action • Cracked • Max Money • Sova Says Sorry • Greatly Increased? • Killjoy! I Choose You! • Hardstuck • No Pen • Surprised Penguin • No Guardian • Sand Sculpture • Greatly Decreased? • Clutch Or Kick • Too Heavy • Sands Of Time • Epilogue: Cracked


Promises Kept • Yikes • No Judge • Not Impressed • Love > Hate • Hooked • OTL • This Is Not Fine • Artisan • Trust In My Healing • Crispy • Nice Try! • Hold Up • To The Moon • Does Not Compute


This Is Really Not Fine • Mance On A Broom Go Zoom • With Love, Reyna • It's Lit • Scavenger • Sugar Muffins • Sad Yoru • Take My Creds! • Volunteer • No Bucky • Goldwing • Plant Plant • Turn It Up, Rudy • Trevor Gets It • Countdown Is On


Missed A Spot • Head Slapper • Shoot Here • Hydrodip • Lost Connection • Agent Down • A Prime Valentine's Gift • Potato Aim • What's That • Sweetest Match • Jett-Bot • Use Ult • Bad Hair Day • Nice One • Quack!!


Crying Mance • Stop! • Slipping Away • Matcha Break • #SAVEWIDEJOY • All Aboard • Sheeeeesh • Splitting Melons • Woke Up Thinking Lineups • Take a Bow • Many Thanks • Tactibear's Balalaika • Pros Don't Fake • Hang Loose • Bruno's Happy Dance • Epilogue: #SAVEWIDEJOY


I Have Three Creds • It's Stinger Time • Coalition: Cobra • Bawk Bawk Brimstone • Caution: Blinding Bird! • Skeptical Viper • Keeping Secrets • Don't Watch This • Heaven or Hell • Backseat Coaching • Charge Needed • Look Behind You • Pretty Pretty Please • Terrible Day for Rain • Cap? No Cap? • Epilogue: It's Stinger Time

  • DIMENSION Act 1:

Nosey Neighbor • No Spectre • A Perfect Score • We Can Do It • Winner's Ribbon • Just Jokin' • No Duelist No Problem • Sage Signal • Cool Joy • Neon Bot • You Wanna Play? • That's a Blowout • Trailblazing Tiger • Waddle Walk • Never Forget Leg Day

Other Battle Passes

Spray Name Battle Pass Tier
Boom! Spray.png Boom! RiotX Arcane 8
Calculated Spray.png Calculated RiotX Arcane 4
Lucky Tiger Spray.gif Lucky Tiger Lunar Celebration Event 2

Collection Bundles

Sprays from collection bundles can be found in bundles that are at least Premium Edition-tier. They can be bought on their own for Valorant Points325 but are given for free should the player chose to buy the whole bundle (For bundles containing sprays, the bundle price is only equal to the total cost of the gun skins).

Team Ace and the VALORANT Go! series are the only collection bundles to have had more than one spray in them. The Give Back collection is the only one to have a different pricing for its spray, costing Valorant Points675.

Prime Gaming

The following sprays are rewards unlocked by Prime Gaming subscribers who connect their account with their Riot Games account:


Name Spray Notes
Accidental Renaissance Accidental Renaissance Spray.png Given to players who logged into their account between April 1-April 8, 2022[1]
GLHF GLHF Spray.png Complete Tier 2 of the New Player Contract
Loose Cannon Loose Cannon Spray.png Given to players who completed a set of VALORANT-related missions on the RiotXArcane site
Tag! You're Dead! Tag! You're Dead! Spray.png Given to players who bought the Arcane Collector's Set
V For VALORANT V for Valorant Spray.png Complete Tier 9 of the New Player Contract
VALORANT Valorant Spray.png The default spray given to all new accounts
VCT 2021 Spark VCT 2021 Spark Spray.gif Given to viewers who watched any official broadcast of VCT Champions 2021 or a selected co-streamer between 1–11 December 2021

Upcoming Sprays

The following sprays are currently not obtainable but are visible within VALORANT and will eventually become available at a later date.

Closed Beta sprays

The following sprays were available during the Closed Beta. These were removed from all accounts upon VALORANT's live release, though some were re-released with updated visuals.