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EQUIP a spycam. FIRE to place the spycam at the targeted location. RE-USE this ability to take control of the camera's view. While in control of the camera, FIRE to shoot a marking dart. This dart will reveal the location of any player struck by the dart.
— In-game description

Spycam is a signature ability for Cypher.


Spycam is an Intel ability that Cypher has to equip before casting. Once equipped, his crosshair will be replaced with an indicator for placing a spycam. This will turn blue if it is placed on a viable position to be cast in, and will turn red for unviable positions. A viable position must be a wall with enough verticality, though the camera cannot be placed over a certain distance above any horizontal levels. Cypher must also be within a certain distance of the target location to cast the ability. Upon casting, the spycam will travel to the location and briefly deploy, turning invisible once this process is complete. The camera can be recalled but will go on a short cooldown before it can be redeployed.

Once deployed, Cypher can use the ability to take control of the camera, causing it to reveal itself. His body will remain still in a channeling position whilst using the camera, leaving himself vulnerable to enemy gunfire and utility. The camera provides vision of anything in front of it and can be rotated within the range of a hemisphere. Whenever re-used, the camera will always be looking the direction Cypher was previously looking in when he unequipped the ability. If Cypher's body takes damage whilst he is in control of Spycam, the ability will be unequipped.

Whilst using Spycam, Cypher can aim at enemy agents and fire to shoot marking darts at them. If a dart hits an enemy it will embed itself into them, periodically revealing their location with flashes of yellow outlines. To end this effect, the victim must channel for a few seconds to remove the dart.

Enemies can destroy the camera by dealing any damage to it with weapons or some damaging abilities. Enemies do not have to have sight of the camera for it to be destroyed by damage. Cypher will be alerted if his camera destroyed.

If Cypher is killed during the round, the spycam will deactivate and reveal its position.


Note: Values that are not marked as confirmed (i.e. values not provided explicitly in game or from patch notes) are only estimates. Whilst they may not be the true value, they have been tested so that they should be very accurate. Hover over check marks to see sources for confirmed values.

Stat Value Confirmed
CustomReload.png Equip time 0.8 seconds Check Mark.png
Orbital Strike.png Max deploy distance 20 meters Check Mark.png
Max deploy height 4.5 meters Check Mark.png
CustomReload.png Unequip time 0.7 seconds Check Mark.png
Windup.png Deploy time 1.15 seconds
Recon Bolt.png Reveal ticks/tick Rate 1 every 2 seconds
Continues indefinitely until dart removed
Check Mark.png
Cooldown.png Dart cooldown 6 seconds Check Mark.png

Update History

  • Bugfix Buff Voice lines relating to Spycam will now be heard globally by allies


  • Bugfix Nerf Cypher can no longer place Spycam on the Breeze door in order to destroy or see through the door when it's lowered
    • Bugfix Buff Similarly, fixed random spots where Cypher could not place Spycam in the same area


  • Bugfix Nerf Can no longer place Spycam in Cyber Cage.png Cyber Cage projectiles



  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed issue where Spycam's dart could sometimes hit players that were on the other side of a wall
  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed Spycam targeting going through Sage's Barrier Orb.png wall
  • Bugfix Buff Fixed a rare bug that could leave players unable to move or process inputs until they died when entering or returning from Spycam
    • "We previously addressed some causes of this bug last patch, this fix should address the remaining known causes"


  • Bugfix Buff Fixed a couple input bugs around possessing and unpossessing Spycam in the same frame which lead to locking all inputs or locking view direction


  • Nerf Disabled and revealed upon death


  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed an issue where Spycam blocked Spike defusal
  • Bugfix Nerf Added prevention for Spycam going through teleporter doors on Bind when placed on the frame from the outside


  • Bugfix Nerf Spycameras placed on the teleporter door frames on Bind no longer teleport it’s view location underground


  • Nerf Cooldown when destroyed increased 30 >>> 45 seconds
  • Bugfix Nerf Cypher will no longer float in the air if the Sage Barrier Orb.png Barrier Orb wall he is standing on is destroyed while using the Spycam
  • Bugfix Nerf Exploit fixes


  • Bugfix Fixed issue with camera being placed on the Haven A Main boxes


  • Bugfix Nerf Can no longer use weapons