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A Status Effect is a buff or debuff that can be applied to an agent by using abilities or (outside of Competitive gameplay) capturing specific orbs.

Buff.png CombatBuff.png Combat Stim

An agent with a Combat Stim buff has increases stats. These can increase fire rates, equip speeds, reload speeds, recovery speeds, and movement speeds.

Effects that apply Combat Stim:

  • UI Icons Modes SpeedBoost NoFrame.png Combat Stim Spike Rush orb, granting increased fire rate, equip speed, reload speed, recovery speed, movement speed, and jump height.
  • TX SnowballFight Pickup Rapid.png Rapid Fire Snowball Fight orb

Buff.png Stim Beacon.png RapidFire

The RapidFire buff is unique to Brimstone and his basic ability, Stim Beacon. It grants increased fire rate, equip speed, reload speed, recovery speed, and movement speed.

Buff.png Empress.png Empress

The Empress buff is unique to Reyna and her ultimate ability, Empress. It grants her increased fire rate, equip speed, reload speed, and recovery speed.

Buff.png NULL-cmd.png Overload

The Overload buff is unique to KAY/O and his ultimate ability, NULL/cmd. It grants him increased fire rate, reload speed, and recovery speed. He additionally suppresses nearby enemy agents periodically and will be downed if he takes lethal damage instead of being killed.

Buff.png UI Icons Modes DamageAmp NoFrame.png Damage Amp

An agent with a Damage Amp buff will deal increased damage.

Effects that apply Damage Amp:

Debuff.png Deafen

An agent with a Deafen debuff will completely lose their hearing, making them unable to hear any audio from their surroundings which will also obscure their minimap. This will also prevent HUD VFX for some enemy abilities from appearing on an affected player's screen. The global casting quotes for enemy ultimate abilities can still be heard by deafened agents.

Abilities that apply Deafen:

Debuff.png Decay.png Decay

An agent with a Decay debuff will temporarily lose HP. All decays afflict a fixed HP decay on initial application of the debuff but some may also continue to decay the target's health further over time. Decays cannot reduce an agent's health below 1 HP. Once no longer under the afflicting ability's condition to keep/increase Decay, the affected agent's health will begin to climb back up over time, up to the maximum of how much HP they would have if they had not been affected, taking any damage and healing taken whilst they were decayed into account.

Abilities that apply Decay:

Other effects that apply Decay:

Buff.png Healing Orb.png Heal

An agent with a Heal buff (also refered to as Health Regen) has their health bar replenished over time. Entering combat with a Heal buff will pause the effect until the agent is considered to have left combat, although the duration of the buff will not be paused along with the effect.

Abilities that apply Heal:

Other effects that apply Heal:

Buff.png Devour.png Overheal

An agent with an Overheal buff gains bonus HP. Total HP, including Overheal HP, does not go over 150.

Abilities that apply Overheal:

Debuff.png Haunt.png Mark

An agent with a Mark debuff has their position and movements tracked marked by dark mist. Teleports are not tracked by mark.

Abilities that apply Mark:

Debuff.png Slow.png Slow

An agent with a Slow debuff has their movement speed and jump height reduced.

Abilities that apply Slow:

Debuff.png Concuss.png Concuss

An agent with a Concuss debuff is slowed as well as having their gun fire rate reduced. Vision during Concuss is grayscale and the victim's crosshair and FOV will move around slightly.

Abilities that apply Concuss:

Debuff.png Detain.png Detain

An agent with a Detain debuff is slowed as well as being unable to interact with anything, including their weapons, their abilities, and objects such as the spike.

Abilities that apply Detain:

Debuff.png ZERO-point.png Suppress

An agent with a suppress debuff are unable to cast or equip abilities. Agents who have equipped an ability will immediately unequip it upon being suppressed. Agents who have placed abilities that are awaiting activation cannot activate them. Suppression will not interrupt any abilities if the agent is already in the process of casting them e.g. Teleports.

  • If Astra is aiming Cosmic Divide when she is suppressed, the next time she reenters Astral Form will bring her back to the exact action she was taking before she was suppressed i.e. If she had placed one of the two locations, that location will remain placed upon reentering. Leaving Astral Form and reentering after this initial time will reset her actions as usual.
  • Any smokes placed on Sky Smoke's tactical map will be removed (progress reset)
  • Cypher's Trapwire and Spycam and Killjoy's Turret and Alarmbot will become disabled, reveal themselves and are unable to be picked up
  • Omen can be suppressed in his Shade Form but this will not cancel the ability. Omen is still able to cancel From The Shadows by recasting
  • Suppression will carry over from Run It Back
  • Raze can still activate any placed Blast Packs
  • Raze's Boom Bot will not be deactivated
  • Skye can still guide Guiding Light but cannot activate the flash
  • Viper can still deactivate Viper's Pit by recasting

Abilites that apply suppress:

Buff.png Tracerrounds.png Tracer Rounds

An agent with a Tracer Rounds buff augments their gunfire to have increased penetration and briefly reveal any enemies hit.

Effects that apply Tracer Rounds:

Debuff.png Vulnerable.png Vulnerable

An agent with a Vulnerable debuff takes double damage from all sources.

Abilities that apply Vulnerable:

Snowball Fight status effects

The following are unique Buff.png buffs that can be found in Snowball Fight, in addition to the Rapid Fire orb that grants Combat Stim:

  • TX SnowballFight Pickup Large.png Growball: Snowballs grows over time while traveling in the air
  • TX SnowballFight Pickup Bounce.png Ricochet: Snowballs can bounce off of the ground and walls
  • TX SnowballFight Pickup Skates.png Skates: Increased movement speed and max jump height