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INSTANTLY toss down a stim beacon. Upon landing, it creates a field that grants players a Combat Stim and a Speed Boost.
— In-game description

Stim Beacon is a basic ability for Brimstone.


Stim Beacon is an Empowerment ability that Brimstone instantly tosses forward on activation. Once it lands on the ground, the beacon will create a field that grants all players within it Combat Stim, as well as granting additional increased equip speed and movement speed. The buff remains active on the agent as long as they remain within the field or for a short amount of time after either leaving the field or after the beacon expires. The beacon cannot be destroyed and enemy agents will not gain the buff if they enter the beacon's field, nor can they see the field's radius.


Stat Value Confirmed
CustomReload Unequip time 0.7 seconds Check MarkGame files
Orbital Strike Radius 6 meters Check MarkGame files
Buff Buffs +10% Equip speed
+15% Fire rate
+10% Reload speed
+10% Recovery speed
+15% Speed Boost
Check MarkGame files, v1.09 & v4.04
Duration Buff duration 4 seconds Check MarkGame files
Duration Beacon duration 12 seconds Check MarkGame files

Update History[]

  • Nerf Charges reduced 2 >>> 1
  • Nerf Cost increased 100 >>> 200


  • Buff Now also applies a 15% speed boost in addition to RapidFire


  • Buff Will now quick cast (No equip time)


  • Buff Fire rate bonus increased from 10% >>> 15%


  • Buff No longer Buffs enemies and no longer shows its effect radius to enemies