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A Store with its featured bundle and daily offers

The Store is a place where cosmetics can be bought using Valorant Points. It contains a featured bundle, usually made up of the latest cosmetic collection to be released, and a selection of weapon skins that changes every 24 hours.

Daily Offers

The store gives daily offers for four weapon skins that allows players to unlock a skin for its full price. This is a way for players who missed out on buying some skins directly from their bundles another way of obtaining that skin. Every 24 hours, the offers are refreshed with new options.

If a player has obtained every skin in the game, the four slots will instead be replaced with a message thanking the player for supporting VALORANT.


Bundles are collections of cosmetics that can either be bought individually or all together for a reduced bundle price. Most bundles are for new cosmetic collections when they are first released into the game, though others, such as the Run It Back Bundle, contain previously released cosmetics. They always contain weapon skins and some will also contain gunbuddies, player cards, and sprays.

If choosing to buy as a bundle, some of the cosmetics are either discounted or become free. For bundles with a melee, the bundle price is equal to the total cost of the other gun skins, with any sprays, gunbuddies, and cards also being given for free. For bundles without a melee, all weapons receive a discount of around 33% off when contributing to the bundle price.

Type Bundle Price
Select-edition-icon.png Select Valorant Points 2930
Select-edition-icon.png Select with melee Valorant Points 3500
Deluxe-edition-icon.png Deluxe Valorant Points 4270
Deluxe-edition-icon.png Deluxe with melee Valorant Points 5100
Premium-edition-icon.png All Premium Valorant Points 7100
Exclusive-edition-icon.png Exclusive
(Prices vary)
Valorant Points 8700
Valorant Points 10700
Ultra-edition-icon.png All Ultra Valorant Points 9900

All bundles are only available for a limited time of about one to two weeks. After they are retired from the store, players will no longer be able to obtain any gunbuddies, player cards, or sprays that came from that bundle. Weapon skins however can still become available by other means through the store's daily offers, a Night Market, or special bundles like the Run It Back Bundle.

List of bundles

These bundles are sorted by default in order of availability, from newest to oldest. This also mostly coincides with order of release with the exception of the Sakura Collection, having already been available as an Individual Collection for over a year before it arrived in the Store as a bundle.

Image Edition Collection Bundle Price
Banner Atlas.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png SPECTRUM Valorant Points 10700
Banner SpecOps.png Premium-edition-icon.png Recon Valorant Points 7100
Banner Sakura.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Sakura Valorant Points 4270
Banner Sentinels of Light.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Sentinels of Light Valorant Points 8700
Banner King.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Ruination Valorant Points 8700
Banner Giveback2021.png
Give Back Valorant Points 6380
Banner Circle.png Premium-edition-icon.png Origin Valorant Points 7100
Banner SovWorld.png Premium-edition-icon.png Tethered Realms Valorant Points 7100
Banner Minima.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Minima Valorant Points 4270
Banner Fallen.png Premium-edition-icon.png Forsaken Valorant Points 7100
Banner Mysticforest.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Silvanus Valorant Points 4270
Banner Magepunk.png Premium-edition-icon.png Magepunk Valorant Points 7100
Banner Historical.png Select-edition-icon.png Infantry Valorant Points 2930
Banner Hypebeast2.png Premium-edition-icon.png Prime/2.0 Valorant Points 7100
Banner Anime1.png Premium-edition-icon.png VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 Valorant Points 7100
Banner Lunar.png Premium-edition-icon.png Celestial Valorant Points 7100
Banner Cyberpunk02.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Glitchpop, EP 2 Valorant Points 8700
Banner Horizon.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Horizon Valorant Points 4270
Banner Iridescence3.png Select-edition-icon.png Prism II Valorant Points 2930
Banner RIB.png
Run It Back Bundle Valorant Points 5945
Banner Urf.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png BlastX Valorant Points 8700
Banner Winter.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Winterwunderland Valorant Points 5100
Banner Rainbow.png Select-edition-icon.png Sensation Valorant Points 2930
Banner Wasteland.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Wasteland Valorant Points 4270
Banner Oblivion.png Premium-edition-icon.png Ion Valorant Points 7100
Banner SoulStealer.png Premium-edition-icon.png Reaver Valorant Points 7100
Banner Edge.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Singularity Valorant Points 8700
Banner Raygun.png Premium-edition-icon.png Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Valorant Points 7100
Banner Lightning.png Select-edition-icon.png Smite Valorant Points 3500
Banner Unstoppable.png Premium-edition-icon.png Ego Valorant Points 7100
Banner MagicSpline.png Premium-edition-icon.png Spline Valorant Points 7100
Banner Cosmos.png Premium-edition-icon.png Nebula Valorant Points 7100
Banner Cyberpunk.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Glitchpop Valorant Points 8700
Banner Oni.png Premium-edition-icon.png Oni Valorant Points 7100
Banner Dragon.png Ultra-edition-icon.png Elderflame Valorant Points 9900
Banner Prism.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Prism Valorant Points 5100
Banner Sovereign.png Premium-edition-icon.png Sovereign Valorant Points 7100
Banner Hypebeast.png Premium-edition-icon.png Prime Valorant Points 7100