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A disaster at a local kingdom facility threatens to engulf the whole neighborhood. Stop at your favorite food truck then fight across the city in this traditional three lane map.
— Official description

Sunset is the tenth map to be released in VALORANT.


Sunset is one of VALORANT's more traditional maps with two sites and three lanes. Its one additional feature is a mechanical door found between B Market and Mid Courtyard. Players can use a switch on the Market side of the door to close or open it. This door is impenetrable while closed but has 500 HP, allowing players to damage and eventually destroy it. Once destroyed, the doorway remains permanently open for the rest of the round.



Player Cards
Image Name Source
Ankle-Breaker Card Large Ankle-Breaker Battle Pass:
EP 08 Act 2
Golden Hour Card Large Golden Hour Battle Pass:
EP 07 Act 1


   Kingdom bleeds our planet once again. Too many scars to count.
Reyna icon Reyna, Match Start

In the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, residents were already noticing strange things occurring around a secretive Kingdom facility located in the area, with peculiar creatures spotted running around and unusually large sounds coming from nearby. Now, a huge sinkhole that has suddenly opened up in front of the facility has put the whole neighborhood at risk, as Kingdom desperately attempts to prevent any details about the sinkhole's cause from being revealed and stop the facility's classified work from being exposed.

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Announcements can be heard at several places around the map:

Update History[]

  • Bugfix Nerf Adjusted fence in A Elbow to fix an issue when shooting through the top section.
  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed a bug where you could jump to the top of the phone booth in A Lobby.
  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed a bug that allowed Attackers to break Cypher’s Trapwires in B Main from Mid.


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug where vision cones would flicker at the start of a round.


Added Added


  • In early development, Sunset had acid pools that could damage players.[1]
  • Sunset features graffiti from LA based artist ATLAS (Cat character on wall and billboard near defender spawn) as well as the Montréal, Canada based 123KLAN crew (Mural on the wall of the skate-shop).[2]



  1. Sunset Dev Q&A, Riot Games Media Center: "There was a very early version of Sunset with “acid pools” that damaged players when they stood in them." - Joe Lansford, Lead Map Designer
  2. ATLAS and 123Klan Instagram