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ACTIVATE to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.
— In-game description

Tour De Force is an ultimate ability for Chamber.


Tour De Force is an Empowerment ability that Chamber has to equip before using. Chamber can cast Tour De Force during the buy phase of any round in which he has his ultimate. Upon casting, he will summon a sniper rifle. Chamber can unequip and reequip this rifle with a shorter equip time for the rest of the round.

If Chamber kills an enemy with Tour De Force, a a temporary slowing field will be created on the ground under the victim's position. If the target is high enough above ground when they are killed, it is possible for the slow field to not be created at all.


Note: Values that are not marked as confirmed (i.e. values not provided explicitly in game or from patch notes) are only estimates. Whilst they may not be the true value, they have been tested so that they should be very accurate. Hover over check marks to see sources for confirmed values.

Stat Value Confirmed
Windup.png Initial summon time 2.3 seconds Check Mark.png
CustomReload.png Equip time 0.667 seconds
Ammo.png Ammunition 5 rounds
No reserve
Check Mark.png
Damage.png Damage 255 Head
150 Body
150 Legs
Check Mark.png
Firemode.png Fire mode Semi Check Mark.png
Fire rate 1.2 per second
1 every 0.833 seconds
Check Mark.png
WallPenetration.png Wall penetration High
Orbital Strike.png Slow radius 6 meters Check Mark.png
Debuff.png Slow duration 9.5 seconds Check Mark.png
CustomReload.png Unequip time
(out of ammo)
1 second

Update History

  • Bugfix Buff Fixed a bug where the scope visual effect would sometimes disappear


  • Buff Can now be input-queued to equip after the current action


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug where Tour De Force could float away