This interview was conducted after the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Showcase (April 2020) at 9 PM Central.

Developers interviewed:




  • Will more people be given access to the game?

Availability will double on April 7th from what was given on April 3rd.

  • macOS?

macOS will not be available at launch.

  • What regions are available for Closed Beta?

North America and Europe, though they want to test it other regions. At launch, Valorant will be available worldwide.

  • Ability to replay matches?

This is a post-launch feature.

  • Public API for Stats?

Not available for Closed Beta.

  • Update frequency?

Hotfixes will be pushed out fast while Balance Passes will be bundled with other features/fixes/bugs.

  • Will LAN be supported?

Not for public use since the client doesn't support this right now with the infrastructure created. "Hypothetically if we did tourneys," yes, Riot will need to find a way to implement this.

  • If you tested the Closed Beta, you will get anything cosmetic at launch?


  • How will Riot implement the anti-cheat?

Riot created a "fog of war" system where it will be very hard for a cheater to wallhack or cheat in general.

  • Private & Custom match support?


  • Map voting?

Right now with the small pool probably not.

  • What is Riot doing against Smurfing/Boosting?

Future service plans for the future. They're working on a skill detection that is currently being implemented.

  • Streamer mode?

They are looking to do it, but no ETA yet. Before Launch most likely.

  • Plans for creative mode or custom maps?

Riot has no plans for a creative mode/custom maps. Not enough man power.


  • How will Riot make money?

Riot will release Cosmetics and a Battle Pass, loot boxes will not be added.

  • Aim assist?


  • Control support?

Partial support

  • Will unranked have skill based matchmaking?


  • Will we see more maps, agents and weapons?

Yes more Maps and Agents are currently in development though new Weapons are not in development right now. Riot wants to have a staple system to build characters and maps around. If they see an opportunity to add weapons or anything in general they will explore it.

  • Hardware bans against cheaters? And how about harassment?

Cheaters will get hardware banned and you can report harassment from players in-game.

  • What happens if a cheater is in my match?

If a cheater is detected in-game the current match will end, the cheater will be banned and no one will get a 'Lost' in-regards to the match.

  • Locked FOV?

FOV will be locked at 103.

  • What happens if people leave matches or is AFK?

This feature is currently being looked at and needs feedback from players. Currently Riot is looking at dispersing the Agent's money that left with the teammates that are still in-game so they still have an advantage to win.

  • What if you accidentally left a match due to internet issues or unwanted disconnects?

You have the ability to re-join the match that you left.

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