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Stand tall. We are VALORANT. We are fighters!

— Sage (Round Start)

The VALORANT Protocol is an independent, covert operation founded and set up in response to First Light, consisting of Agents from around all over Earth. Their mission is to keep the world safe from dangerous situations involving radianite.



In response to a mysterious event, known as First Light, that affected the entirety of a near future Earth, an unknown shadow organization founded the secretive VALORANT Protocol, which pulled together Agents from all over the world. Brimstone and Viper were the Protocol's first two agents and co-founders, with Brimstone becoming its leader[1]. Omen is also known to have played an important part in the VP's founding[2].

VALORANT's task was to keep the world safe from dangerous situations involving radianite and ensure that no cataclysmic disasters would occur[3].


The VALORANT Protocol would go on to recruit more agents to their cause, with each agent being given a number in the order that they joined. These Agents consisted of Radiants and other individuals equipped with Radiant technology with a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from crime to the military. After 10 years since First Light occurred, the Protocol had at least 10 agents (up to Jett)[4]. Some of these agents had quickly risen up the ranks, with Sage, VALORANT's 7th recruit, becoming second-in-command under Brimstone.

During these early days of VALORANT, information was kept on a need-to-know basis and even agents themselves were compartmentalized. It was only after incidents in Venice and Rabat that prompted the VP to start sharing information. Agents within the Protocol started to meet each other in person for the first time and younger agents began to be briefed on the existence of a Mirror Earth[4]. VALORANT continued to hire agents after these events[5].


The VALORANT Protocol is completely independent, though they do require a backer to fund their tech (this could possibly be the shadow organization who helped to found VALORANT in the first place)[6]. Their existence appears to be unknown to most of the world as their agents could not be identified by national media. Coincidentally, local authorities appear to be absent in areas where VALORANT carry out missions, potentially alluding to the Protocol having the power to either convince authorities to let them handle the situation in secret or prevent them from being able to interfere at all.

New agents who join VALORANT must leave behind their past lives and activities and are given a call sign to protect their identity, also being required to refer to all other agents by their own call signs[7][8]. Official regulations also dictate that agents are discouraged from fraternization as workplace relationships can create complications[9][10]. Agents are also expected to be professional and battle-ready at all times[11].

A VALORANT strike team leaves Rabat after a successful mission

Whenever the VP has been seen in action, it has been in response to spike threats. Leadership appears to keep some of the information behind these attacks, such as the identities of the perpetrators, on a need-to-know basis for their agents. VALORANT usually sends out strike teams of about 5 agents, though occasionally they have responded to attacks with smaller teams[12].


All agents go into battle equipped with firearms. Weapons used by the VP include the Shorty, Sheriff, Spectre, Bucky, Bulldog, and Vandal.

One of VALORANT's VLT/R aircraft

The Protocol also possesses a VLT/R high-speed aircraft for transport. This vehicle is able to instantly accelerate to and decelerate from high speeds within a fraction of a second.


No. Agent/Call Sign Origin
01 Brimstone icon.png Brimstone US.png United States
02 Viper icon.png Viper US.png United States
03 Omen icon.png Omen Unknown
04 Killjoy icon.png Killjoy DE.png Germany
05 Cypher icon.png Cypher MA.png Morocco
06 Sova icon.png Sova RU.png Russia
07 Sage icon.png Sage CN.png China
08 Call sign unknown N/A
09 Phoenix icon.png Phoenix GB.png United Kingdom
10 Jett icon.png Jett KR.png South Korea
11 Reyna icon.png Reyna Flag MX.png Mexico
12 Raze icon.png Raze BR.png Brazil
13 Breach icon.png Breach SE.png Sweden
14 Skye icon.png Skye AU.png Australia
15 Yoru icon.png Yoru JP.png Japan
16 Astra icon.png Astra GH.png Ghana
17 KAYO icon.png KAY/O Unknown

Agent 08

Very little is known about Agent 08, though they have been reported to be absent, whether that's because they are on mission, on leave, or MIA[13].