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This page documents the policies and guidelines of the VALORANT Wiki, created in order to ensure the best experience for everyone involved with the community. Use common sense in regards to what else you would expect to be or not be allowed on this wiki. These guidelines and subsequent action for going against them are enforced at the discretion of the admins.


  • Any sort of NSFW content is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not use the wiki for advertising purposes.
  • Discriminating against a user on the grounds of their race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, etc. or making any edits that promote hate towards these identities is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not start edit wars. Disagreement can happen between users. If your edits are constantly getting reverted by another user and you feel like they're in the wrong, leave them a message and try your best to solve the conflict in a civil manner or contact an administrator about it. Do not proceed to keep on reverting their edits as it will get nowhere.
  • Respect the other users of the community. User harassment will not be tolerated. As mentioned above, if conflicts happen between users, best practice is to put an end to it in a civil manner.


  • The VALORANT Wiki is intended to be a definitive site about the game for official/confirmed info and data. All content must be related to the game and its universe. Content that is not accepted on this wiki includes topics related to the following:
    • VALORANT Esports/VCT - there are separate wikis for this kind of content
    • Lore speculation
    • Unofficial fanon/Fan content
    • VALORANT Streamers/Content creators
    • Casual/"Fluff" content, even if related to VALORANT
  • Articles should be written in fluent American English and from a neutral point of view in a formal tone, representing the content fairly and without bias.
  • Any content that is expected to be part of the game but hasn't been released yet must be marked as "Upcoming".
  • Any information relating to VALORANT that comes from a source outside of the game/game files must be referenced. This includes information from VALORANT Support articles or any dev posts released on the official VALORANT website.
    • Quoting a sentence or two from third-party media articles about the game when they are the only source for a piece of information is acceptable, but plagiarizm of full paragraphs in wiki sections that can otherwise be written in our own words will not be tolerated.
  • Try not to edit a page multiple times in a short amount of time. Check if your edits are right and make use of the "Preview" feature.
  • It is recommended to use the edit summary when editing in order to let other editors know more easily what changes you made and why.
    • You must provide a reason if your edits remove any content from a page to justify the decision, otherwise your edits may be reverted.
  • Do not make any major changes to the design or appearance of any completed articles without consulting the admins first. Such edits to smaller, incomplete pages however may be allowed.
    • If you would like to pitch a new design, you can either join the Discord server and share your thoughts there or message an admin on their Message Wall
    • If you need to show off your ideas, you can create a sandbox page from your user profile (e.g. User:Stratège304/Sandbox) and put them there instead of editing the existing page.


Vandalism is the action of deliberately destroying/removing the content of the wiki or intentionally adding irrelevant, nonsensical edits to articles, and is strictly forbidden.

When encountering a vandal, the best practice is to revert their edits and contact an administrator as fast as possible to block them in order to prevent any further damage.


  • Do not upload duplicate files. If you have a better quality of an already existing file, use the "Replace" feature present on its page.
  • Any files taken directly from VALORANT's game files or any other sites and products related to Riot must be marked with a Riot IP notice.
    • Files copyrighted to other companies/parties must be marked with a general Fair Use notice instead, but can only be used with the owner's permission or in line with company policy in a way that qualifies as fair use under US copyright law.
  • Files should be named appropriately, relating to its contents. Names like "Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 6.00.08 PM.png" are not allowed.
  • Please be aware that some types of files have specific naming schemes, including:
    • Weapon Skins: "[Collection] [Weapon] [Variant Color].png" e.g. "Ruination Phantom.png", "Ruination Phantom Red-Yellow.png"
    • Player Cards: "[Name] Card [Large/Wide/Small].png" e.g. "Ruination Card Large.png", "Ruination Card Wide.png"
      • Use of Large/Wide/Small depends on whether the image is the main portrait card art, the landscape thumbnail/banner, or the square avatar/icon, respectively.
    • Gunbuddies: "[Name] Buddy.png" e.g. "Ruination Buddy.png"
    • Sprays: "[Name] Spray.png" OR "[Name] Spray.gif" e.g. "Ruination Spray.png"
    • Voicelines: "[Agent/Map][Quote Trigger][Number].mp3"
      • Please make sure quote trigger names are kept consistent with previous agents' VO file names if they have the same trigger.
      • Including a number is only necessary for times when a quote trigger has multiple quotes assigned to it e.g. Match Start, Round Start, Barrier Down.
  • Please keep the names of cosmetic items and variants to exactly as they appear in game or to their display name taken from VALORANT's files.

Examples of how to name cosmetic files:


Disregard for certain rules made to keep the wiki informative and safe or failure to follow them may result in your account getting temporarily or permanently blocked. Blocks are given out at the discretion of the admins depending on the offence, its severity, and the history of that user. Reasons a user may be blocked include, but are not limited to:

  • Hate
  • Vandalizm
  • Trolling
  • Scams/Phishing
  • Plagiarizm
  • Self-advertizing/Link baiting
  • NSFW content

Remember to use common sense in regards to what else you would expect to be block-worthy. If in doubt, always ask an admin first.

Pathway to Content Moderator/Administrator

The wiki is always looking for new editors to help us keep the site maintained and up to date in line with VALORANT's patches. For more active members of our community, you'll have the ability to become a Content Moderator and possibly an Administrator in the future.

The paths to these roles are not necessarily required in order to become one, our admins may still give these roles to other users outside of these requirements if we believe they are ready to have this role.

Content Moderator

List of user rights

Editors can become Content Moderators through an application process. The requirements are that you have been part of the wiki community for a month and have made 40 constructive edits to the wiki during this time. The best way to apply for the role would be to use our dedicated channel in our Wiki Discord server, though you may also contact an Admin using the site's Message Walls for this. After an admin reviews your application, you will be given the Content Moderator role so long as your edits have been constructive and beneficial to the wiki. For those who apply through the Discord server, you will also receive your own in-server role.


List of user rights

New Administrators are currently chosen at the request of the admin team. To be a likely candidate for this, we expect you to be already active within the community and either be or become a member of our Wiki Discord server in order to access our Admin chat channel, where we can hold discussions specifically on admin-only topics. The most likely editors to be selected for this will preferably be Content Moderators who are active both on the wiki and in our Discord.

Whilst the following is not an essential requirement to become a Wiki Admin, we would preferably expect you to also become an admin for the Discord server. The expected task here is primarily to help keep the server civil and be available to timeout or remove anyone breaking our rules, such as scam messages. We'd also like for you to be able to respond to anyone seeking support about the wiki in the Discord, though we understand our admins will have higher priorities outside of the wiki and so we will not strictly enforce this.