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Weapon Skins

A collection of weapon skins.

Weapon Skins are cosmetics in VALORANT that modify the appearance of weapons. They can be bought from the store with VALORANT Points and, if eligible, can be upgraded using Radianite Points to further modify its appearance and effects. They can also be bought from an active Night.Market or earned from an Act's Battle Pass, and a few can be obtained for free by completing the Acts' Battle Passes or obtaining through Agent Gear.

There are currently 880 different weapon skins.

Skin editions[]

Every skin has an edition that shows the skin's quality tier. There are five editions, going from the simplest to the most complex; Select Select, Deluxe Deluxe, Premium Premium, Exclusive Exclusive, and Ultra Ultra. Melee skins are the only skins in the game to all be classed as Exclusive, though their prices (for melees that can be bought from the Store) are usually related to the edition of the bundle they are associated with.

This system was initially used by Store skins only, but starting from v4.11, it is now currently applied to all weapon skins (though not mentioned in any patch notes). Skins from Agent Gear are all Select edition, Battle Passes are Select and Deluxe edition, and all types of skins can be found in the Store.

Obtaining weapon skins[]

Agent Gear[]

Agents' skins can be obtained when a player unlocks Tier 10 of an agent's Gear using Kingdom Credits. The skin is always a type of sidearm.

Battle Passes[]

Every act contains a new battle pass that has skins for 13 weapons. Each weapon's skin will come from one of three skin collections unique to the act's battle pass. Since IGNITION: Act 3, one of these collections also has variants that players can unlock with Radianite Points. Players immediately unlock one of the skins upon buying the pass. The rewards upon reaching Tier 50 are always the same; the Free Track, which all players have access to, awards a sidearm skin, but players who have bought access to the Premium Track unlock a melee skin, along with the other skins in previous tiers.


Weapon skins can be bought from the store from the player's daily offers or the featured bundle. Occasionally, a limited time bundle or capsule may be released to celebrate an event, only appearing for a certain period of time and will not appear in the Store's daily offers after the duration ends, making them some of the rarest skins in the game. The price of the skin depends on the weapon's edition tier, with melee skins usually costing double the price of a gun skin from the same edition:

Edition Price
Gun Melee
Select Select Valorant Points 875 Valorant Points 1,750
Deluxe Deluxe Valorant Points 1,275 Valorant Points 2,550
Premium Premium Valorant Points 1,775 Valorant Points 3,550
Exclusive Exclusive
(Prices vary)
Valorant Points 2,175 Valorant Points 4,350
Valorant Points 2,375 Valorant Points 5,350
Valorant Points 2,675
Ultra Ultra
(Prices vary)
Valorant Points 2,475 Valorant Points 4,950
Valorant Points 2,975 Valorant Points 5,950

Certain melee skins deviated from the above pricing that are part of their respective skin bundle:

Other methods[]

An alternative method, Prime Gaming Drops, was also a way to acquire weapon skins, although there was only one weapon skin released from it.

List of weapon skins[]

All Melee skins are classed as Exclusive Exclusive edition. The tables below show melees with the edition tier of the collection they are associated with instead.


Image Edition Skin Weapon Cost
Abyssal Sheriff Deluxe Abyssal Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Abyssal Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Abyssal Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,275
Abyssal Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Caeruleus Melee:
Valorant Points 2,550
Aemondir Sheriff Premium Aemondir Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Aemondir Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Aemondir Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,775
Aemondir Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Blade of Aemondir Melee:
Blade of Aemondir
Valorant Points 3,550
Altitude Sheriff Deluxe Altitude Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Altitude Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,275
Altitude Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Altitude Odin Odin Valorant Points 1,275
Altitude Knuckle Knife Melee:
Altitude Knuckle Knife
Valorant Points 2,550
Araxys Shorty Exclusive Araxys Shorty Valorant Points 2,175
Araxys Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 2,175
Araxys Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Araxys Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
Araxys Bio Harvester Melee:
Araxys Bio Harvester
Valorant Points 4,350
Arcane Sheriff Exclusive Arcane* Sheriff Valorant Points 2,377#
Aristocrat Sheriff Deluxe Aristocrat Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Aristocrat Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 1,275
Aristocrat Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
Aristocrat Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Aristocrat Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
Avalanche Classic Deluxe Avalanche Classic Valorant Points 1,275
Avalanche Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Avalanche Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Avalanche Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Avalanche Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,275
Black.Market Classic Premium Black.Market Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Black.Market Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,775
Black.Market Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Black.Market Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,775
Black.Market Butterfly Knife Melee:
Black.Market Butterfly Knife
Valorant Points 3,550
BlastX Frenzy Exclusive BlastX Frenzy Valorant Points 2,175
BlastX Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,175
BlastX Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
BlastX Odin Odin Valorant Points 2,175
BlastX Polymer KnifeTech Coated Knife Melee:
BlastX Polymer KnifeTech Coated Knife
Valorant Points 4,350
Celestial Frenzy Premium Celestial Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Celestial Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,775
Celestial Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Celestial Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Celestial Fan Melee:
Celestial Fan
Valorant Points 3,550
Champions 2021 Vandal Exclusive Champions 2021* Vandal Valorant Points 2,675
Champions 2021 Karambit Melee:
Champions 2021 Karambit
Valorant Points 5,350
Champions 2022 Phantom Exclusive Champions 2022* Phantom Valorant Points 2,675
Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife Melee:
Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife
Valorant Points 5,350
Champions 2023 Vandal Exclusive Champions 2023* Vandal Valorant Points 2,675
Champions 2023 Kunai Melee:
Champions 2023 Kunai
Valorant Points 5,350
Chromedek Shorty Deluxe Chromedek Shorty Valorant Points 1,275
Chromedek Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
Chromedek Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Chromedek Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,275
Chromedek Gauntlet Melee:
Chromedek Gauntlet
Valorant Points 2,550
ChronoVoid Sheriff Exclusive ChronoVoid Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
ChronoVoid Judge Judge Valorant Points 2,175
ChronoVoid Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
ChronoVoid Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Terminus A Quo Melee:
Terminus A Quo
Valorant Points 4,350
Convex Sheriff Select Convex Sheriff Valorant Points 875
Convex Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 875
Convex Judge Judge Valorant Points 875
Convex Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 875
Convex Operator Operator Valorant Points 875
Crimsonbeast Sheriff Premium Crimsonbeast Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Crimsonbeast Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,775
Crimsonbeast Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Crimsonbeast Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,775
Crimsonbeast Hammer Melee:
Crimsonbeast Hammer
Valorant Points 3,550
Cryostasis Classic Premium Cryostasis Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Cryostasis Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,775
Cryostasis Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Cryostasis Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Cryostasis Impact Drill Melee:
Cryostasis Impact Drill
Valorant Points 3,550
Daydreams Classic Select Daydreams Classic Valorant Points 875
Daydreams Judge Judge Valorant Points 875
Daydreams Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Daydreams Operator Operator Valorant Points 875
Daydreams Crowbar Melee:
Daydreams Crowbar
Valorant Points 1,750
Doodle Buds Shorty Premium Doodle Buds Shorty Valorant Points 1,775
Doodle Buds Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 1,775
Doodle Buds Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Doodle Buds Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,775
Doodle Buds Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Elderflame Frenzy Ultra Elderflame Frenzy Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Judge Judge Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Dagger Melee:
Elderflame Dagger
Valorant Points 4,950
Ego Ghost Premium Ego Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Ego Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 1,775
Ego Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Ego Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Ego Knife Melee:
Ego Knife
Valorant Points 3,550
Ego Outlaw Outlaw Valorant Points 1,775
Emberclad Frenzy Deluxe Emberclad Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Emberclad Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Emberclad Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
Emberclad Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Emberclad Hammer Melee:
Emberclad Hammer
Valorant Points 2,550
Endeavour Ghost Select Endeavour Ghost Valorant Points 875
Endeavour Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 875
Endeavour Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 875
Endeavour Operator Operator Valorant Points 875
Endeavour Ares Ares Valorant Points 875
Evori Dreamwings Ghost Ultra Evori Dreamwings Ghost Valorant Points 2,475
Evori Dreamwings Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,475
Evori Dreamwings Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,475
Evori Dreamwings Odin Odin Valorant Points 2,475
Evori's Spellcaster Melee:
Evori's Spellcaster
Valorant Points 4,950
Forsaken Classic Premium Forsaken Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Forsaken Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Forsaken Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Forsaken Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Forsaken Ritual Blade Melee:
Forsaken Ritual Blade
Valorant Points 3,550
Fortune's Hand Ghost Select Fortune's Hand Ghost Valorant Points 875
Fortune's Hand Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 875
Fortune's Hand Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Fortune's Hand Odin Odin Valorant Points 875
Fortune's Scepter Melee:
Fortune's Scepter
Valorant Points 1,750
Gaia's Vengeance Ghost Premium Gaia's Vengeance Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Vengeance Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Vengeance Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Vengeance Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Wrath Melee:
Gaia's Wrath
Valorant Points 3,550
Gaia's Vengeance Shorty Shorty Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Vengeance Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Vengeance Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Vengeance Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Gaia's Fury Melee:
Gaia's Fury
Valorant Points 3,550
Galleria Classic Select Galleria Classic Valorant Points 875
Galleria Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 875
Galleria Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 875
Galleria Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Galleria Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 875
Glitchpop Frenzy Exclusive Glitchpop Frenzy Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Judge Judge Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Odin Odin Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Dagger Melee:
Glitchpop Dagger
Valorant Points 4,350
Glitchpop Classic Classic Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
Glitchpop Axe Melee:
Glitchpop Axe
Valorant Points 4,350
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic Premium Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Baton Melee:
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Baton
Valorant Points 3,550
Holomoku Frenzy Deluxe Holomoku Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Holomoku Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
Holomoku Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Holomoku Outlaw Outlaw Valorant Points 1,275
Kaimana Melee:
Valorant Points 2,550
Horizon Frenzy Deluxe Horizon Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Horizon Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Horizon Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,275
Horizon Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
Horizon Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Ignite Fan Exclusive Ignite* Melee:
Ignite Fan
Valorant Points 4,710#
Imperium Sheriff Exclusive Imperium Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
Imperium Judge Judge Valorant Points 2,175
Imperium Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Imperium Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
Blades of Imperium Melee:
Blades of Imperium
Valorant Points 4,350
Infantry Ghost Select Infantry Ghost Valorant Points 875
Infantry Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 875
Infantry Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 875
Infantry Operator Operator Valorant Points 875
Infantry Ares Ares Valorant Points 875
Intergrade Classic Select Intergrade Classic Valorant Points 875
Intergrade Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 875
Intergrade Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 875
Intergrade Operator Operator Valorant Points 875
Intergrade Blade Melee:
Intergrade Blade
Valorant Points 1,750
Ion Sheriff Premium Ion Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Energy Sword Melee:
Ion Energy Sword
Valorant Points 3,550
Ion Frenzy Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Ion Karambit Melee:
Ion Karambit
Valorant Points 3,550
Kohaku & Matsuba Classic Deluxe Kohaku & Matsuba Classic Valorant Points 1,275
Kohaku & Matsuba Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,275
Kohaku & Matsuba Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Kohaku & Matsuba Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
Equilibrium Melee:
Valorant Points 2,550
Kuronami Sheriff Exclusive Kuronami Sheriff Valorant Points 2,375
Kuronami Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,375
Kuronami Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,375
Kuronami Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 2,375
Kuronami no Yaiba Melee:
Kuronami no Yaiba
Valorant Points 5,350
Luna Ghost Deluxe Luna Ghost Valorant Points 1,275
Luna Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Luna Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Luna Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,275
Luna's Descent Melee:
Luna's Descent
Valorant Points 3,550
Luxe Ghost Select Luxe Ghost Valorant Points 875
Luxe Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 875
Luxe Judge Judge Valorant Points 875
Luxe Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 875
Luxe Operator Operator Valorant Points 875
Luxe Knife Melee:
Luxe Knife
Valorant Points 1,750
Magepunk Ghost Premium Magepunk Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Electroblade Melee:
Magepunk Electroblade
Valorant Points 3,550
Magepunk Sheriff Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Shock Gauntlet Melee:
Magepunk Shock Gauntlet
Valorant Points 3,550
Magepunk Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Magepunk Sparkswitch Melee:
Magepunk Sparkswitch
Valorant Points 4,350
Minima Sheriff Deluxe Minima Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Minima Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Minima Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Minima Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
Minima Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
MK.VII Liberty Judge Deluxe MK.VII Liberty Judge Valorant Points 1,275
MK.VII Liberty Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,275
MK.VII Liberty Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
MK.VII Liberty Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
MK.VII Liberty Combat Knife Melee:
MK.VII Liberty Combat Knife
Valorant Points 2,550
Mystbloom Sheriff Exclusive Mystbloom Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
Mystbloom Judge Judge Valorant Points 2,175
Mystbloom Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Mystbloom Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
Mystbloom Kunai Melee:
Mystbloom Kunai
Valorant Points 4,350
Nebula Sheriff Premium Nebula Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Nebula Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Nebula Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Nebula Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Nebula Knife Melee:
Nebula Knife
Valorant Points 3,550
Neo Frontier Sheriff Exclusive Neo Frontier Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
Neo Frontier Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Neo Frontier Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 2,175
Neo Frontier Odin Odin Valorant Points 2,175
Neo Frontier Axe Melee:
Neo Frontier Axe
Valorant Points 4,350
Neptune Shorty Premium Neptune Shorty Valorant Points 1,775
Neptune Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Neptune Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Neptune Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Neptune Anchor Melee:
Neptune Anchor
Valorant Points 3,550
NO LIMITS Ghost Deluxe NO LIMITS Ghost Valorant Points 1,275
NO LIMITS Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
NO LIMITS Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
NO LIMITS Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
NO LIMITS Bat Melee:
Valorant Points 2,550
Nunca Olvidados Frenzy Deluxe Nunca Olvidados Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Nunca Olvidados Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,275
Nunca Olvidados Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Nunca Olvidados Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
Catrina Melee:
Valorant Points 2,550
Oni Shorty Premium Oni Shorty Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Claw Melee:
Oni Claw
Valorant Points 3,550
Oni Frenzy Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Oni Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Onimaru Kunitsuna Melee:
Onimaru Kunitsuna
Valorant Points 5,350
Origin Frenzy Premium Origin Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Origin Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Origin Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Origin Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Origin Crescent Blade Melee:
Origin Crescent Blade
Valorant Points 3,550
Orion Frenzy Deluxe Orion Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Orion Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Orion Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Orion Odin Odin Valorant Points 1,275
Orion Sword Melee:
Orion Sword
Valorant Points 2,550
Overdrive Sheriff Exclusive Overdrive Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
Overdrive Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 2,175
Overdrive Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 2,175
Overdrive Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Overdrive Blade Melee:
Overdrive Blade
Valorant Points 4,350
Prelude to Chaos Shorty Exclusive Prelude to Chaos Shorty Valorant Points 2,175
Prelude to Chaos Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 2,175
Prelude to Chaos Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Prelude to Chaos Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
Blade of Chaos Melee:
Blade of Chaos
Valorant Points 4,350
Prime Classic Premium Prime Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Prime Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Prime Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Prime Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Prime Axe Melee:
Prime Axe
Valorant Points 3,550
Prime 2.0 Frenzy Premium Prime//2.0 Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Prime 2.0 Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Prime 2.0 Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Prime 2.0 Odin Odin Valorant Points 1,775
Prime 2.0 Karambit Melee:
Prime//2.0 Karambit
Valorant Points 3,550
Primordium Shorty Exclusive Primordium Shorty Valorant Points 2,175
Primordium Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,175
Primordium Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Primordium Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Blades of Primordia Melee:
Blades of Primordia
Valorant Points 4,350
Prism Ghost Deluxe Prism Ghost Valorant Points 1,275
Prism Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Prism Phantom Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Prism Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
Prism Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
Prism Knife Melee:
Prism Knife
Valorant Points 2,550
PrismReloaded Outlaw Prism//Reloaded Outlaw Valorant Points 1,275
Prism II Shorty Select Prism II Shorty Valorant Points 875
Prism II Sheriff Sheriff Valorant Points 875
Prism II Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 875
Prism II Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 875
Prism II Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 875
Protocol 781-A Sheriff Ultra Protocol 781-A Sheriff Valorant Points 2,475
Protocol 781-A Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,475
Protocol 781-A Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 2,475
Protocol 781-A Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,475
Personal Administrative Melee Unit Melee:
Personal Administrative Melee Unit
Valorant Points 4,950
Radiant Crisis 001 Classic Premium Radiant Crisis 001 Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Radiant Crisis 001 Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat Melee:
Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat
Valorant Points 3,550
Radiant Entertainment System Ghost Ultra Radiant Entertainment System Ghost Valorant Points 2,975
Radiant Entertainment System Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 2,975
Radiant Entertainment System Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,975
Radiant Entertainment System Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,975
Power Fist Melee:
Power Fist
Valorant Points 5,950
Reaver Sheriff Premium Reaver Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Knife Melee:
Reaver Knife
Valorant Points 3,550
Reaver Ghost Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Odin Odin Valorant Points 1,775
Reaver Karambit Melee:
Reaver Karambit
Valorant Points 4,350
Recon Ghost Premium Recon Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Recon Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Recon Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Recon Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Recon Balisong Melee:
Recon Balisong
Valorant Points 3,550
Reverie Classic Select Reverie Classic Valorant Points 875
Reverie Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 875
Reverie Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Reverie Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 875
Reverie Sword Melee:
Reverie Sword
Valorant Points 1,750
RGX 11z Pro Frenzy Exclusive RGX 11z Pro Frenzy Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Blade Melee:
RGX 11z Pro Blade
Valorant Points 4,350
RGX 11z Pro Classic Classic Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Firefly Melee:
RGX 11z Pro Firefly
Valorant Points 4,350
RGX 11z Pro Sheriff Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Outlaw Outlaw Valorant Points 2,175
RGX 11z Pro Karambit Melee:
RGX 11z Pro Karambit
Valorant Points 4,350
Ruination Ghost Exclusive Ruination Ghost Valorant Points 2,175
Ruination Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,175
Ruination Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 2,175
Ruination Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Broken Blade of the Ruined King Melee:
Broken Blade of the Ruined King;
Blade of the Ruined King
Valorant Points 4,350
Rush Frenzy Select Rush Frenzy Valorant Points 875
Rush Judge Judge Valorant Points 875
Rush Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 875
Rush Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Rush Ares Ares Valorant Points 875
Sakura Classic Deluxe Sakura Classic Valorant Points 1,275
Sakura Sheriff Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Sakura Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 1,275
Sakura Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Sakura Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
Sarmad Frenzy Deluxe Sarmad Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Sarmad Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Sarmad Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Sarmad Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Blade of Serket Melee:
Blade of Serket
Valorant Points 2,550
Sensation Frenzy Select Sensation Frenzy Valorant Points 875
Sensation Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 875
Sensation Judge Judge Valorant Points 875
Sensation Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 875
Sensation Odin Odin Valorant Points 875
Sentinels of Light Sheriff Exclusive Sentinels of Light Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
Sentinels of Light Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,175
Sentinels of Light Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,175
Sentinels of Light Ares Ares Valorant Points 2,175
Relic of the Sentinel Melee:
Relic of the Sentinel
Valorant Points 4,350
Sentinels of Light Shorty Shorty Valorant Points 2,175
Sentinels of Light Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,175
Sentinels of Light Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Sentinels of Light Odin Odin Valorant Points 2,175
Relic Stone Daggers Melee:
Relic Stone Daggers
Valorant Points 4,350
Silvanus Sheriff Deluxe Silvanus Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Silvanus Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 1,275
Silvanus Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Silvanus Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Silvanus Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
Singularity Sheriff Exclusive Singularity Sheriff Valorant Points 2,175
Singularity Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 2,175
Singularity Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,175
Singularity Ares Ares Valorant Points 2,175
Singularity Knife Melee:
Singularity Knife
Valorant Points 4,350
Smite Classic Select Smite Classic Valorant Points 875
Smite Judge Judge Valorant Points 875
Smite Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Smite Odin Odin Valorant Points 875
Smite Knife Melee:
Smite Knife
Valorant Points 1,750
Snowfall Classic Deluxe Snowfall Classic Valorant Points 1,275
Snowfall Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,275
Snowfall Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Snowfall Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
Snowfall Wand Melee:
Snowfall Wand
Valorant Points 2,550
Soulstrife Ghost Premium Soulstrife Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Soulstrife Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Soulstrife Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Soulstrife Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Soulstrife Scythe Melee:
Soulstrife Scythe
Valorant Points 3,550
Sovereign Ghost Premium Sovereign Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Sword Melee:
Sovereign Sword
Valorant Points 3,550
Sovereign Frenzy Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Sovereign Odin Odin Valorant Points 1,775
Eternal Sovereign Melee:
Eternal Sovereign
Valorant Points 4,350
Spectrum Classic Exclusive Spectrum Classic Valorant Points 2,675
Spectrum Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 2,675
Spectrum Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 2,675
Spectrum Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 2,675
Waveform Melee:
Valorant Points 5,350
Spline Classic Premium Spline Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Spline Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
Spline Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Spline Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Spline Dagger Melee:
Spline Dagger
Valorant Points 3,550
Switchback Classic Select Switchback Classic Valorant Points 875
Switchback Stinger Stinger Valorant Points 875
Switchback Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 875
Switchback Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 875
Switchback Ascender Melee:
Switchback Ascender
Valorant Points 1,750
Team Ace Frenzy Deluxe Team Ace Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Team Ace Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,275
Team Ace Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Team Ace Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Team Ace Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
Tethered Realms Ghost Premium Tethered Realms Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Tethered Realms Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
Tethered Realms Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Tethered Realms Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Prosperity Melee:
Prosperity & Demise
Valorant Points 3,550
Tigris Shorty Deluxe Tigris Shorty Valorant Points 1,275
Tigris Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Tigris Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Tigris Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,275
Hu Else Melee:
Hu Else
Valorant Points 2,550
Titanmail Frenzy Deluxe Titanmail Frenzy Valorant Points 1,275
Titanmail Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,275
Titanmail Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Titanmail Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,275
Titanmail Mace Melee:
Titanmail Mace
Valorant Points 2,550
Undercity Classic Premium Undercity Classic Valorant Points 1,775
Undercity Judge Judge Valorant Points 1,775
Undercity Bulldog Bulldog Valorant Points 1,775
Undercity Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Hack Melee:
Hack & Slash
Valorant Points 3,550
Valiant Hero Ghost Premium Valiant Hero Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
Valiant Hero Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
Valiant Hero Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
Valiant Hero Ares Ares Valorant Points 1,775
Ruyi Staff Melee:
Ruyi Staff
Valorant Points 4,350
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Ghost Premium VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Guardian Guardian Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Knife Melee:
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Knife
Valorant Points 3,550
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Classic Premium VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Classic Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Operator Operator Valorant Points 1,775
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Ares Sheriff Valorant Points 1,775
Yoru's Stylish Butterfly Comb Melee:
Yoru's Stylish Butterfly Comb
Valorant Points 3,550
VCT LOCKIN Misericórdia Exclusive VCT LOCK//IN* Melee:
VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia
Valorant Points 5,440#
VCT x 100T Classic Exclusive VCT x 100T* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x AG Classic Exclusive VCT x AG* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x BBL Classic Exclusive VCT x BBL* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x BLD Classic Exclusive VCT x BLD* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x BLG Classic Exclusive VCT x BLG* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x C9 Classic Exclusive VCT x C9* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x DFM Classic Exclusive VCT x DFM* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x DRG Classic Exclusive VCT x DRG* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x DRX Classic Exclusive VCT x DRX* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x EDG Classic Exclusive VCT x EDG* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x EG Classic Exclusive VCT x EG* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x FNC Classic Exclusive VCT x FNC* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x FUR Classic Exclusive VCT x FUR* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x FUT Classic Exclusive VCT x FUT* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x FPX Classic Exclusive VCT x FPX* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x G2 Classic Exclusive VCT x G2* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x GE Classic Exclusive VCT x GE* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x GEN Classic Exclusive VCT x GEN* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x GX Classic Exclusive VCT x GX* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x JDG Classic Exclusive VCT x JDG* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x KC Classic Exclusive VCT x KC* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x KOI Classic Exclusive VCT x KOI* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x KRÜ Classic Exclusive VCT x KRÜ* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x LEV Classic Exclusive VCT x LEV* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x LOUD Classic Exclusive VCT x LOUD* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x M8 Classic Exclusive VCT x M8* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x MIBR Classic Exclusive VCT x MIBR* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x NAVI Classic Exclusive VCT x NAVI* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x NOVA Classic Exclusive VCT x NOVA* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x NRG Classic Exclusive VCT x NRG* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x PRX Classic Exclusive VCT x PRX* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x RRQ Classic Exclusive VCT x RRQ* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x SEN Classic Exclusive VCT x SEN* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x T1 Classic Exclusive VCT x T1* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x TEC Classic Exclusive VCT x TEC* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x TE Classic Exclusive VCT x TE* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x TH Classic Exclusive VCT x TH* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x TL Classic Exclusive VCT x TL* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x TLN Classic Exclusive VCT x TLN* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x TS Classic Exclusive VCT x TS* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x TYL Classic Exclusive VCT x TYL* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x VIT Classic Exclusive VCT x VIT* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
VCT x WOL Classic Exclusive VCT x WOL* Classic Valorant Points 1,880#
VCT x ZETA Classic Exclusive VCT x ZETA* Classic Valorant Points 2,340#
Wasteland Shorty Deluxe Wasteland Shorty Valorant Points 1,275
Wasteland Sheriff Sheriff Valorant Points 1,275
Wasteland Spectre Spectre Valorant Points 1,275
Wasteland Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Wasteland Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,275
Winterwunderland Ghost Deluxe Winterwunderland Ghost Valorant Points 1,275
Winterwunderland Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,275
Winterwunderland Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,275
Winterwunderland Marshal Marshal Valorant Points 1,275
Winterwunderland Candy Cane Melee:
Winterwunderland Candy Cane
Valorant Points 2,550
Xenohunter Frenzy Premium Xenohunter Frenzy Valorant Points 1,775
Xenohunter Bucky Bucky Valorant Points 1,775
Xenohunter Phantom Phantom Valorant Points 1,775
Xenohunter Odin Odin Valorant Points 1,775
Xenohunter Knife Melee:
Xenohunter Knife
Valorant Points 3,550
XERØFANG Ghost Premium XERØFANG Ghost Valorant Points 1,775
XERØFANG Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 1,775
XERØFANG Knife Melee:
Valorant Points 4,350
  • Collections labelled * were limited-time weapon skins and cannot appear in Store's daily offers.
  • Prices labelled # were only available as a bundle and could only be purchased as a complete set; the price stated is the bundle's price.

Battle Pass[]

Image Edition Skin Weapon Act Pass Tier Track
.EXE Odin Select .EXE Odin EP 01 Act 1 30 Premium
.EXE Ghost Ghost 35 Premium
.EXE Judge Judge 40 Premium
.EXE Vandal Vandal 45 Premium
.SYS Sheriff Deluxe .SYS Sheriff EP 04 Act 3 10 Premium
.SYS Bucky Bucky 20 Premium
.SYS Stinger Stinger 35 Premium
.SYS Vandal Vandal 45 Premium
.SYS Melee Melee:
.SYS Melee
50 Premium
9 Lives Guardian Select 9 Lives Guardian EP 06 Act 1 1 Premium
9 Lives Ares Ares 15 Premium
9 Lives Phantom Phantom 25 Premium
9 Lives Classic Classic 50 Free
Aero Spectre Select Aero Spectre EP 03 Act 3 10 Premium
Aero Guardian Stinger 20 Premium
Aero Phantom Phantom 45 Premium
Aero Frenzy Frenzy 50 Free
Aerosol Bucky Select Aerosol Bucky EP 02 Act 1 5 Premium
Aerosol Shorty Shorty 15 Premium
Aerosol Operator Operator 25 Premium
Aerosol Odin Odin 40 Premium
Aquatica Shorty Select Aquatica Shorty EP 08 Act 2 1 Premium
Aquatica Stinger Stinger 15 Premium
Aquatica Ares Ares 20 Premium
Aquatica Outlaw Outlaw 35 Premium
Artisan Marshal Deluxe Artisan Marshal EP 03 Act 2 10 Premium
Artisan Phantom Phantom 25 Premium
Artisan Bucky Bucky 30 Premium
Artisan Foil Melee:
Artisan Foil
50 Premium
Artisan Ghost Ghost 50 Free
Blush Frenzy Select Blush Frenzy EP 07 Act 1 5 Premium
Blush Spectre Spectre 16 Premium
Blush Operator Operator 25 Premium
Blush Guardian Guardian 40 Premium
Bound Classic Deluxe Bound Classic EP 06 Act 3 5 Premium
Bound Judge Judge 16 Premium
Bound Phantom Phantom 25 Premium
Bound Bulldog Bulldog 30 Premium
Bound Melee:
50 Premium
Bubble Pop Judge Deluxe Bubble Pop Judge EP 09 Act 1 10 Premium
Bubble Pop Vandal Vandal 25 Premium
Bubble Pop Guardian Guardian 35 Premium
Bubble Pop Light Stick Melee:
Bubble Pop Light Stick
50 Premium
Bubble Pop Classic Classic 50 Free
Bumble Brigade Ghost Select Bumble Brigade Ghost EP 09 Act 1 1 Premium
Bumble Brigade Ares Ares 15 Premium
Bumble Brigade Judge Judge 20 Premium
Bumble Brigade Bulldog Bulldog 40 Premium
Cavalier Stinger Deluxe Cavalier Stinger EP 02 Act 2 10 Premium
Cavalier Ghost Ghost 16 Premium
Cavalier Vandal Vandal 25 Premium
Cavalier Bucky Bucky 30 Premium
Cavalier Operator Operator 45 Premium
Cloudweaver Shorty Select Cloudweaver Shorty EP 08 Act 3 5 Premium
Cloudweaver Stinger Stinger 20 Premium
Cloudweaver Outlaw Outlaw 25 Premium
Cloudweaver Sheriff Sheriff 40 Premium
Coalition Cobra Judge Select Coaliton: Cobra Judge EP 04 Act 3 5 Premium
Coalition Cobra Odin Odin 15 Premium
Coalition Cobra Marshal Marshal 30 Premium
Coalition Cobra Frenzy Frenzy 50 Free
Composite Sheriff Deluxe Composite Sheriff EP 07 Act 1 1 Premium
Composite Stinger Stinger 15 Premium
Composite Marshal Marshal 30 Premium
Composite Phantom Phantom 45 Premium
Composite Knife Melee:
Composite Knife
50 Premium
Convergence Frenzy Select Convergence Frenzy EP 09 Act 1 5 Premium
Convergence Stinger Stinger 16 Premium
Convergence Marshal Marshal 30 Premium
Convergence Phantom Phantom 45 Premium
Couture Bulldog Select Couture Bulldog EP 01 Act 1 10 Premium
Couture Stinger Stinger 15 Premium
Couture Frenzy Frenzy 16 Premium
Couture Marshal Marshal 20 Premium
Comet Spectre Deluxe Comet Spectre EP 08 Act 3 15 Premium
Comet Odin Odin 35 Premium
Comet Vandal Vandal 45 Premium
Comet Sword Melee:
Comet Sword
50 Premium
Comet Ghost Ghost 50 Free
Depths Bulldog Select Depths Bulldog EP 02 Act 3 5 Premium
Depths Stinger Stinger 20 Premium
Depths Ghost Ghost 30 Premium
Depths Vandal Vandal 45 Premium
Digihex Judge Select Digihex Judge EP 07 Act 1 10 Premium
Digihex Ares Ares 20 Premium
Digihex Bulldog Bulldog 35 Premium
Digihex Ghost Ghost 50 Free
Divine Swine Judge Select Divine Swine Judge EP 04 Act 2 5 Premium
Divine Swine Marshal Marshal 15 Premium
Divine Swine Ares Ares 20 Premium
Divine Swine Frenzy Frenzy 35 Premium
Fiber Optic Classic Select Fiber Optic Classic EP 08 Act 1 1 Premium
Fiber Optic Spectre Spectre 16 Premium
Fiber Optic Marshal Marshal 35 Premium
Fiber Optic Ghost Ghost 50 Free
Freehand Ghost Select Freehand Ghost EP 07 Act 2 5 Premium
Freehand Spectre Spectre 16 Premium
Freehand Odin Odin 30 Premium
Freehand Marshal Marshal 40 Premium
Genesis Bulldog Deluxe Genesis Bulldog EP 03 Act 3 5 Premium
Genesis Shorty Shorty 16 Premium
Genesis Operator Operator 25 Premium
Genesis Bucky Bucky 35 Premium
Genesis Arc Melee:
Genesis Arc
50 Premium
Goldwing Classic Select Goldwing Classic EP 03 Act 3 1 Premium
Goldwing Ares Ares 15 Premium
Goldwing Judge Judge 30 Premium
Goldwing Ghost Ghost 40 Premium
Gridcrash Ghost Select Gridcrash Ghost EP 06 Act 1 10 Premium
Gridcrash Judge Judge 16 Premium
Gridcrash Stinger Stinger 30 Premium
Gridcrash Bulldog Bulldog 40 Premium
Guardrail Shorty Deluxe Guardrail Shorty EP 08 Act 1 5 Premium
Guardrail Frenzy Frenzy 15 Premium
Guardrail Guardian Guardian 35 Premium
Guardrail Vandal Vandal 45 Premium
Guardrail Hammer Melee:
Guardrail Hammer
50 Premium
Hivemind Ares Deluxe Hivemind Ares EP 01 Act 2 1 Premium